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3 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

3 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

3 Steps To Being A Successful Entrepreneur

These 3 steps reveal things you absolutely MUST AVOID if you want to create more time for yourself, reclaim your physical and mental focus, and achieve your ideal lifestyle...


Everyone knows that “sitting is the new smoking”... yet did you know that this unhealthy, morbid lifestyle is robbing you of everlasting wealth? Studies have shown how long periods of inactivity increase your risks for cancer, heart disease, and other undesired ailments which can spell your financial demise.

Do you realize that sitting too long can also lower your IQ by robbing your brain of the oxygen it needs to function properly? This decreased brain activity can lead to long hours, counter- productivity and poor judgement. That last one can be detrimental for you if you’re a decision maker in your business.

Do you realize that you can reverse this snail-like existence with just a few tweaks in your day? There are simple yet powerful changes you can make in your life right now that will improve your physical and mental health allowing you to harness the power of focus into true, everlasting wealth.

This is not magic, this does not require a ton of research, or for you to write pages of notes down; it will work for anyone who has the ability to stand, sit, move around and can listen to their body.

My years as an entrepreneur in the online-world have allowed me to peer into the secrets of 7- figure business experts. Over the years, I have picked up many techniques which have allowed me to leverage my focus into creating more revenue with less effort.

I strongly believe this is the key for you to enjoy a healthier, easier, and more fulfilling life... Why fight an uphill battle when you don’t have to? 

What you need is a wake-up call and the honest truth. Fair? Let’s dive in!


We’ve all been there:

You’re almost done with this current project, it’s just going to take another half hour...1 hour tops. Yet you go 2 more hours and you're still not done, the hope of finishing keeps you going for a few more hours. When you’re finally done, you’re “ way past the point of healthy”.

We all feel that pressure — speed of implementation is highly regarded in the business world after all — to be “responsive”. And with good reason, it’s a quality you can admire and one you should look for in team members, clients, or even personal relationships...

However, there is a point where over-responsiveness can reduce the quality of your work in the short-run and definitely in the long-run.

Constantly pushing your body beyond its natural limits is just bad business.

And even if your incentive is solely more money, recent studies reveal that people who take a break once per hour, perform better than those who want to power-through at all costs. Take a break and gather yourself instead so you can come back and feel like new.


The “real problem” actually boils down to inactivity. Having your body in any 1 position for an extended period of time simply wreaks havoc on your health ... and remember, this can lead to life-altering, and in some cases life-ending diseases.

This spells bad news considering the majority of offices today still provide you with a sit-only desk...

A recent nationwide survey asked office workers “At what type of workstation do you typically work?” and a shocking 88.3% of them answered Sitting Height with Task Chair. In other words, a sit-only desk.

This shows that the majority of men and women who work at an office are confined to 1 general seated position for the majority of their work day.

The good news is that if you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have to. You luckily have a choice because you get to decide what kind of desk you use for yourself. Yet don’t just own a sit-stand workstation... Make sure you take a walk, stretch, and just be active whenever you get a chance.

You want to be active, this will give your body and mind the refresh it needs.


Next time, you decide to “just quickly” check social media or your phone during work be prepared to lose almost 25 minutes of your time...

A recent study by University of California Irvine titled The Cost of Interrupted Work: More Speed and Stress revealed that when you’re interrupted in your workday, it takes an average of 23 minutes to get back into an efficient flow.

This reinforces the idea that distractions kill your momentum.

Personally I believe that when you need to focus, a good time-frame to be free of distractions is about 50 minutes at a time. This helps you stay efficient and allows you to maximize your time and energy.

Keep in mind that your focus can also be lost if you fail to take proper care of your body.

This is the main reason I myself decided to purchase an adjustable standing desk a few years ago. My lower back pain when sitting got pretty bad, and was sore overall... I was shocked considering I was in my late 20s.

It was the mix of standing to sitting and appropriate breaks throughout the day that allowed me to heal my back pain and exponentially increase productivity.

So What DO I Do Next?

If you are ready to take back control of your body and your mind so that it can ‘work for you’ instead of against you, then click the link below that will take you to the next page.

In the next page, you’ll have the ability to design your own standing desk and get started on a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

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