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Standing Desk Accessories

Desk Cable Management - Cord Taco

$73.45 $100.00

Under Desk Cable Management Sleeve Our Mesh Cable Management Taco is a clean, elegant, and practical solution to your standing desk's cord management problem. It’s also perfect match with the StandDesk commercial grade power strips so all your...

Commercial Grade Power Strip


Professional Grade Surge Protecting Power Strip The Commercial Grade Power Strip attaches directly to the bottom of your StandDesk frame with the use of Cable Management Tray and Cable Management Taco, allowing you to plug in all of your electronics and...

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

$52.45 $80.00

Under Desk Wire Management Tray Say goodbye to the cluttered chaos your wires are causing today. Everyone knows that a cluttered environment leads to an inability to focus, stress, and decreased productivity. What you didn’t know is when...

StandDesk Stabilizing Crossbar

$52.45 $80.00

Stabilizing Crossbar for Standing Desk Unfortunately, the majority of sit-stand desks are NOT as stable as regular fixed position desks. It’s because regular desks have 4 legs on each corner giving more stability VS sit-stand desks have only 2...

Deluxe Memory StandDesk Controller

$52.45 $80.00

Adjustable Height Desk Memory Handset Our most popular upgrade, the StandDesk Memory Handset keypad will remember for you your ideal standing and sitting positions at three preset heights. Featuring an LED height display and minimalist design, the Memory...

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