Standing Desk Upgrades

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

$49.00 $79.99

Keep Your Feet Happy While You Stand! Our Anti-Fatigue Mat was designed with two goals in mind: ease the transition on your circulatory system from sit to stand nirvana, and make a product that can withstand being stepped on all day while you work at...

Commercial Grade Power Strip


Professional Grade Surge Protecting Power Strip The Commercial Grade Power Strip attaches directly to the bottom of your StandDesk frame, allowing you to plug in all of your electronics and accessories into your choice of 8 or 12 ports. It’s made...

StandDesk Stabilizing Crossbar


Stabilizing Crossbar for Standing Desk Unfortunately, the majority of sit-stand desks are NOT as stable as regular fixed position desks. It’s because regular desks have 4 legs on each corner giving more stability VS sit-stand desks have only 2 legs...