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Ambassador Affiliate Program

Be a Part of the Ambassador Affiliate Program

Promoting everyone’s good health and well-being is what StandDesk stands for. To further expand our network and spread the good news to a wider audience, we present the Ambassador Affiliate Program. Signing up as one of our privileged brand ambassadors opens you to a world of opportunities.

Are you a blogger? Do you manage your own website? Are you an e-newsletter publisher? Managing any of these or other credible online platforms gives you the chance to promote StandDesk. 

How do you benefit as an Ambassador Program affiliate marketer?

The importance and popularity of online marketing in promoting businesses nowadays exposes you to tons of programs to choose from. Although similar in objectives and processes, no two programs are exactly alike. Some will prove to be more advantageous than others.

Such is the case with the Ambassador Affiliate Program. As our affiliate marketer, you get the opportunity to promote the premium products of StandDesk. This includes our ergonomically designed lineup of standing desks, desk tops, and other accessories. And you can do so through your chosen online platform.

Bigger Market + Higher Sale Price = More Earnings

The continuously rising popularity of StandDesk and its accessories further expand the already-sizable market you can tap. Because this is a unique industry, you do not have to compete with an overwhelming number of promoters/marketers.

By marketing our brand, you get to earn more. Our products have a higher average order value compared to others. Our affiliates are making sales and commissions regularly. The data below proves this.

How does our program work?

We are working in partnership with ShareASale  and other highly reputable affiliate marketing networks.In signing up for the Ambassador Affiliate Program, you are automatically eligible for the privileges offered by our network partner/s that you have chosen.Because we are always working hard to ensure your benefits and satisfaction, we are constantly expanding our lineup of partners.

You can easily become a successful Ambassador Program affiliate marketer in 5 easy steps:

How will you receive payment?

There are different types of payment methods available depending on your chosen network. We have set up an advanced real-time tracking system that allows you to monitor your payments any time. All you need to do is log into your account. Upon accessing it, you will automatically see your progress. This comes in the form of a detailed, reader-friendly history of every product that your users have purchased through your links.

Are you qualified to become one of our esteemed affiliate marketers?

Anyone and everyone who has a passion for communicating to an online audience and a desire to grow professionally and personally can become our affiliate marketer. Your chances are boosted further if you:

        • Are looking for certain products that you can strategically promote in your purpose-built sites
        • Have targeted sites and directories that are easily accessible to online shoppers
        • Are a web marketer who vows to abide by the rules of the Ambassador Affiliate Program
        • Own a website or are managing social networks and online communities
        • Are an individual specializing in online marketing/Have a firm with a dedicated online marketing specialist

How will you further guarantee success as our affiliate marketer?

In general, marketing online is easy. However, to further up your chances of success, you have to observe the following rules:

        • Create meaningful content that add value to your audience’s lives
        • Place banners and links strategically and creatively to the support content
        • Use platforms that do not have applications/adwares/sites that overwrite cookies
        • Avoid using black-hat SEO strategies
        • Practice honest blogging without spamming
        • Use sites that are not for Flash or graphic materials only
        • Use original content and not duplicate or plagiarized ones

Sign Up as One of Our Affiliates Soon!!

We take good care of our affiliates. That is why; we are working hard to further improve our program. With this, we are happy to announce that our bigger and better Ambassador Affiliate Program will be accepting applicants soon. Stay tuned!

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