Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

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Keep Your Feet Happy While You Stand!

Our Anti-Fatigue Mat was designed with two goals in mind: ease the transition on your circulatory system from sit to stand nirvana, and make a product that can withstand being stepped on all day while you work at your standing desk or anywhere else.

Its soft, flexible material allows the muscles in your legs to contract and expand more naturally and take off impact on the soles of your feet. Minimal and safe, the Mat promotes good circulation and prevents exhaustion on your behalf. It’s multi-functional in other contexts, too, such as your kitchen or DJ setup, and fun to bob and bounce on.


★  REDUCES FATIGUE: Easy on your joints and feet; if you’re new to standing, it’s a must-have for enhanced standing comfort..
★  PROTECTS YOU: Diminishes the chances of tripping due to poor circulation. 
★ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Adaptable to other contexts where you stand for long periods of time. With beveled edges for a sophisticated look. Dimensions are 39” x 20” x ¾".

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