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Best Selling StandDesk Bundles

Standing Desk Stabilizing Crossbar

[80% OFF] StandDesk Stabilizing Crossbar

$16.95 $80.00

Stabilizing Crossbar for Standing Desk Unfortunately, the majority of sit-stand desks are NOT as stable as regular fixed position desks. It’s because regular desks have 4 legs on each corner giving more stability VS sit-stand desks have only 2...

Dual Monitor Arms


$59.97 $150.00

Get More Out Of Your Standing Desk With Our Ergonomic Dual Monitor Arm The StandDesk Ergonomic Dual Monitor Arms eliminates bad posture and the back pain by adapting itself to you. Enjoy the freedom of its ability to tilt, adjust height, and even rotate...

black and white filing cabinet

[50% OFF] Rolling File Cabinet

$112.50 $225.00

 The Small Filing Cabinet sports a sleek, straightforward design to carry only what you need and tuck away to be practically unnoticeable. It’s outfitted for security with a lock and maximum document organization with room for letter and legal...

Ergonomic  Office Chair

[70% OFF] Black Ergonomic Office Chair

$89.70 $299.00

Ergonomic Task Chair Our Ergonomic Office Chair is Italian-designed and made to maximize work. The seat tilts forward for better posture when you’re close to the desk and is outfitted with thoughtful adjustable features for prime lumbar support...

Standdesk EasyPlug Desk Top Power Grommet

White Power Grommet + Other Desk Accessories

$120.00 $159.94

Standdesk EasyPlug Desk Top Power Grommet With the StandDesk EasyPlug desk top power grommet, keeping your mobile devices and other electronics charged is easy and elegant. Skip constantly reaching around your desk to find the power outlet and spend...

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