Black Adjustable Height Desk

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  • 2-Button Handset
  • Memory Handset
  • Black Topo Mat
    Black Topo Mat
  • Grey Topo Mat
    Grey Topo Mat
  • Cable Management Tray Matte Black - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Matte Black - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Pure White - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Pure White - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
$479.90 $550.00
(You save $70.10)

Desk Upgrades

StandDesk® Black Standing Desk

When in doubt, black is everyone’s go-to color. Because it’s simple, professional, and clean. The classic look of black empowers you to feel like a superhero and others agree; the Black Adjustable Height Desk is one of our bestsellers that encourages hyper-concentration and energy while you’re working.

The black standing desk was made for YOU, the modern worker with a tight agenda and a serious work ethic. The color contrast of your work tools against the black backdrop encourages a tunnel vision-like focus, eliminating distractions in your periphery. Stain-resistant and beautiful, this top is perfect for corporate offices, media studios, and those who prefer a streamlined, sophisticated setting for their office.

Supporting the black desk top is the StandDesk frame - a powerhouse foundation that moves with you in seconds. The motor transitions at a quiet hush without interrupting your workflow and in its powder coat finish, this workstation looks like it can do some serious damage. Made with the same strong materials as the Golden Gate Bridge, the black adjustable desk is built to last you in the long run in timeless fashion.

For the finishing touch, the Under Desk Cable Management Taco disappears wayward cords from view, completing a sit-to-stand desk setup that’s minimal yet multi-functional. Pair the Commercial Grade Power Strip with the taco to organize your wires while protecting your legs from tangles. If you want to take it to the next level of convenience, the Grommet Hole Power Adapter elevates a USB port and power outlet right up to your desktop surface within hand’s reach. Welcome to a black-tie level of work.

Black Sit-Stand Desk Features

★  THOUGHTFUL & PRACTICAL TOP DESIGN: Black finish to minimize distractions and be conducive to tunnel visioned work. Made of high-pressure laminate material that’s scratch-resistant and formaldehyde-free to protect your indoor air quality. Rounded edge that’s comfortable to lean on. Low replacement cost allows you to change out your top on a whim, whether for fashion or function.
★  HEIGHT & WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Elevates between heights of 24.5” and 50”, ideal for people approximately 5’2”-6’5”. Dimensions are a depth of 23” and an extendable width from 41.7" to 61". 
★  FAST, POWERFUL & QUIET MOTOR: Moves between heights at a smooth speed of 1.3” per second, and is 20% stronger than the competition, supporting up to 400 pounds. Less than 4db means you won’t wake the baby.
★  HIGHEST QUALITY: Same grade of recycled steel used for building the Golden Gate bridge, which is good for the environment without losing its strength or warping over time. Non-toxic materials and European powder coating on the frame from the #1 supplier in the world, Akzo Nobel.