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Black Walnut Sit-Stand Desk

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Frame Color: Matte Black:
3 Days
Frame Color: Pure White:
3 Days
Frame Color: Glossy Gray:
3 Days
Shipdate - Black Walnut - 48" x 30":
5 Days
Shipdate - Black Walnut - 60" x 27":
5 Days
Shipdate - Black Walnut - 60" x 30":
45 Days
Shipdate - Black Walnut - 72" x 30":
5 Days
Shipdate - South American Walnut - 60" x 27":
45 Days
Shipdate - South American Walnut - 48" x 30":
45 Days
Shipdate - South American Walnut - 72" x 30":
45 Days
Shipdate - South American Walnut - 80" x 32":
45 Days
Shipdate - White Oak - 45" x 24":
45 Days
Shipdate - White Oak - 48" x 30":
45 Days
Shipdate - White Oak - 60" x 27":
10 Days
Shipdate - White Oak - 60" x 30":
10 Days
Shipdate - White Oak - 72" x 30":
45 Days
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    StandDesk® Black Walnut Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

    Innately beautiful and unquestionably functional, tour best-selling wood electric sit-stand desk model provides you an exquisitely healthy working experience while looking incredible. Enhance your work and living spaces with this high-quality workstation while completing your tasks atop a sturdy canvas of earthy beauty.

    The versatility of natural wood allows you to reap the benefits of using this motorized stand-up desk beyond the four walls of the office. It can go from being your dependable workstation to a sturdy conference table to an elegant party table/stand, which is perfect for office cocktail parties and family or corporate get-togethers.

    An attention grabber and conversation starter rolled into one, this electric sit-stand desk has a surface made of carefully selected and handcrafted natural wood. Given its excellent quality and design based on ergonomic standards, this motorized office furniture is a masterpiece in its own right.


    The following features set this adjustable height desk apart from the rest:

    ★ DURABLE TOP with NATURAL WOOD FINISH: The top of this electric adjustable desk is made of carefully selected natural eco-sustainable wood pieces. Made distinctive by their dry surface, they are exquisitely smooth to the touch. Every natural wood standing desk in our line-up is crafted passionately by hand without using toxic compounds or chemical air pollutants, hence ensuring the healthy quality of your indoor air.

    ADJUSTABLE DESK HEIGHT and TOP WIDTH: Adjust the height of your electric standing desk with ease. It can be raised to varying heights from 24.5" up to 50.25". Thus, it is ideal for people who are 5'2" up to 6'5" tall. Its top has a depth of 23" and can be widened from 43" up to 58".

    FAST, POWERFUL YET QUIET MOTOR: At the speed of 1.3"-1.5" per second (can get faster or slower depending on the load's weight), the motor of this durable desk works 20% better than the competition. It is capable of operating smoothly even when elevating while supporting a heavy load weighing up to 400 lbs. Because its whirring sound does not get louder than 44 decibels during motion, you can adjust your desk's height without any distracting noise.

    HIGHLY DURABLE STEEL BASE: Because product durability means using the strongest materials available, we built each desk frame using top-quality steel. So it stays strong and sturdy and never warps despite the passing of time. What is more, our expert craftsmen coated it with environment-friendly, non-toxic imported materials.  

    UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY GUARANTEED: Each electric natural wood standing desk comes with a limited 10-year warranty, which is one of the longest desk warranty in the industry, for its durable steel frame. With this, you also get a 5-year warranty for the motor and electronic parts comprised of the controller and keypad.  

    Get the most out of working while standing with your motorized, adjustable desk and our state-of-the-art File Cabinets, Under Desk Cable Management Taco, Commercial Grade Power Strip, Grommet Hole Power Adapter and other specially designed accessories.