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Delivery Process

Accessorial Services for "Orders" Requiring Delivery via LTL and Full-Truck Load (Freight)

At StandDesk, we focus on shipping your high-quality orders on time, every time directly to your preferred location. We work hard to meet your expectations. Therefore, we have systematized our Accessorial Services process for Freight-Delivered products. To help you better understand how our process works; please go over the salient points detailed below.

Our Optimal Delivery Process

From entertaining your inquiries down to informing you of the details regarding your delivery, our friendly Logistics team will be on hand to assist you. Our simple yet straightforward and effective process involves the following:

StandDesk Optimal Delivery Process

About Delivery Hours and Locations

Orders are delivered during office hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays. However, whenever necessary and upon customer’s request, we also do After-Hour Delivery Services any time beyond regular business hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Approval of after-hour delivery services is subject to the drivers’ and trucks’ availability and will automatically incur after-hour surcharge.

Our reliable partners will bring your orders straight to your indicated location at the appointed date and time. We ship orders via LTL Freight Delivery to both commercial and non-commercial/residential districts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: LTL freight delivery to residential and non-commercial districts is subject to the drivers’ and trucks’ availability and will automatically incur surcharges.

Deliveries to B2B Clients

We provide White Glove services for B2B clients only. Please take note that this service is not available for orders made through the website and is subject to the carrier’s approval and availability. The overall processes involved vary from one carrier to another. In general, it may include:

  • Unloading goods from the pallet and removing the packaging
  • Disposing of the packaging/trash
  • Delivering goods to the upper levels of the building via stairs if freight elevator is not available
  • Placing delivered goods inside the building just beyond the main entrance
  • Using floor protection

Installation for B2B Clients Only

We also provide installation services. But this is for B2B clients only and is not available for orders forwarded through the website. Because this is a contracted service, we advise customers to coordinate with the Sales Team first.

Inside Delivery

In a nutshell, Inside Delivery involves bringing the freight pass to the front door or loading dock, which is usually located just a few feet away from the main entrance. If the indicated location is in the upper floors/levels of the building, the assigned team will have to use a freight elevator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivering goods to any upper level or room in upper levels via stairs is NOT included in this service.

Liftgates and Loading Docks

Products are unloaded directly from the vehicle to the loading dock of the building. In case the location has no loading docks, clients are required to request /avail/add liftgate to the freight.

Liftgate Sample
Sample Liftgate
Loading Dock Sample

Sample Loading Dock


Certificate of Insurance (COI)

The carrier is responsible for issuing the COI to the customer and/or the building administrators. The purpose of the COI is to cover any damage incurred during the delivery process. If the customer is not sure whether a COI is needed or not, he/she must inquire with the landlord or building administrators.

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