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Ergonomic Office Chair + Desk Accessories

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Desk Upgrades

Ergonomic Task Chair

Our Ergonomic Office Chair is Italian-designed and made to maximize work. The seat tilts forward for better posture when you’re close to the desk and is outfitted with thoughtful adjustable features for prime lumbar support. This office chair also reclines quite a bit - taking a nap is equivalent to a deep slumber in this business class airplane seat - real talk


★ BUSINESS CLASS RECLINE: 70+ degree reclining pitch, means taking a nap is equivalent to a deep slumber in this business class airplane seat - real talk
★ FORWARD TILT: The seat tilts forward for better posture when you’re close to the desk.
★ SLIDABLE SEAT: Single level lock and tilt mechanism of seat and back that supports better posture.
★ MADE WITH CARE: Made of imported Korean aerated mesh and Italian engineering. Chair cushion made of moulding foam.

Filing Cabinet with Wheels

Take organizing to the next level.  Let your filing cabinet follow you wherever you go..  With 3 drawers, lock and key, moveable dividers and casters,  you’ll never leave your desk again to get access to your documents.  With its sturdy construction and powder-coated to your desired color, it is sure to last you years of storage and peace of mind.

★ LOCK AND KEYS - Secures all your important documents with a twist of a key
★ FILE DIVIDERS - The cabinet comes with file dividers that lets you organize your documents
★ CASTERS - Let your files follow you instead of running around looking for that important paperwork
★ STURDY & POWDER-COATED - Mix of dependability and beauty, it will be a welcome addition to your workspace for years to come

Edge Mount Power Clamp - 3 Outlets & 2 USB 3.1 Amp Ports

★  BEAUTIFUL: Sleek and sexy, made of commercial grade quality aluminum and shines with competency
★  PROTECT ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE FROM POWER SURGES & SPIKES: Under the desk surge Protector with three outlets and usb protects your PC, personal computer, laptop, phone, fax, modem, television, lamp or any other home/office electronics from dangerous power surges, spikes & line noise. Ideal surge protector with clamp mount!
★  3 OUTLET SURGE SUPPRESSOR WITH 2 USB CHARGING PORTS & BONUS STORAGE SLOT: Features three 5-15R outlets and 2 USB charging ports that are capable of charging the most demanding devices (3.1 amp total), including smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. A top storage shelf holds smartphones and other small devices while they’re charging.
★  SURGE PROTECTOR WITH CLAMP MOUNT: Mounts permanently to the included clamp with two screws. The clamp attaches to most desks, tables and other flat surfaces. You can even take it with you for safe, surge-protected power in a hotel room or conference room. 10 ft. AC power cord fits through back of clamp to avoid cable clutter.
★  SAFETY FIRST! 510 JOULE-RATING - CONFORMS TO UL 1449 SAFETY STANDARDS: 510 joules of surge suppression protect against surges, spikes and EMI/RFI line noise. Surge with usb charging ports is perfect for home, office, workstations, dorms and hotel rooms.

Rolling/Locking Casters

Casters give you the freedom to move your StandDesk around on wheels to flexibly experiment with creating the most productive space possible. Two casters attach to each foot and are outfitted with brakes that lock in your preferred position. You’ll also be raising the height of your desk by 2", helping to accommodate the taller users of our standing desks. These casters are ideal for people looking to make modular pods with multiple desks in an office or school setting. Casters are also great for photographers, filmmakers and creatives on set so you can stay standing and mobile throughout the day.


★  ENABLES FLEXIBILITY: Freedom to move your desk for a change of scenery.
★  LOCKABLE: Outfitted with tight locking brakes.
★  PLUS 2 INCHES: Raises desk height by 2”.
★  FOURSOME: Comes in a 4-pack. Wheel size is 1.5"(W) x 2.25"(L) x 2.75"(H).


Stabilizing Crossbar for Standing Desk

Unfortunately, the majority of sit-stand desks are NOT as stable as regular fixed position desks. It’s because regular desks have 4 legs on each corner giving more stability VS sit-stand desks have only 2 legs on the side due to cost constraints. Also, when you raise your sit-stand desk the laws of physic come into play causing decrease in stability. One way to increase the stability of your sit-stand desk is to add a stabilizing crossbar. Our stabilizing crossbar gives you 20% increased stability and is inserted between the legs of your sit-stand desk (boys get your head out the gutter). It has a sleek minimalist design and efficient design that blends perfectly with your StandDesk.


★  LIKE A ROCK: Increases stability by 20%, especially if you have large speakers or heavy monitors. Dimensions are 37” - 64” x 4” x 0.79”.    
★  MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:  Doubles as a foot rest and is expandable for various desk widths.
★ EASY INSTALLATION: Less than a minute to seamlessly affix to your StandDesk frame to provide an unshakeable strength.


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