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Is a Standup Computer Desk For Me

Is a Standup Computer Desk For Me

Is a Standup Computer Desk For Me

As you’re probably aware, the use of a standup computer desk is not just an office trend anymore; several studies have already showed its health benefits including a reduced risk of obesity, certain types of cancer, lower back pain, postural problems, and anxiety and stress.

Yet to reap the full benefits of a standing computer desk, most experts agree that versions that allow between sitting and standing are the most ideal.  

Contrary to popular belief, the sit stand computer desk is not just for traditional office workers. Artists, designers, telecommuting employees, and students can also benefit from this “ingenious” workstation as it allows you to improve your focus, energy level, and mood. 

Simply put, an adjustable height computer desk is for everyone who wants to break free from the standard workstation, which is known to promote a sedentary lifestyle which results in lethargy, increased risk of obesity and certain types of cancer, and body pain (e.g., lower back pain, wrist strain, neck tension, etc.)

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Should you experience chronic pain from prolonged sitting on your workstation, you may want to ask your doctor if an adjustable standing computer desk can be part of the holistic approach to alleviate your discomfort. Take note that while therapy, exercise, and medications can help ease the pain, you still spend about one-third of your day (or sometimes even more) working on your desk.

(Note:  Some offices with standard workstations allow employees to use adjustable standing computer desk provided they have a doctor’s recommendation letter suggesting that it can help alleviate their pain and improve their overall comfort.)

Aside from people who have systemic pain and discomfort from too much sitting, standup computer desks can also be suitable for artists and designers whose job requires intense focus. In fact, one famous manga artist has devoted much of his time (and money as well) to constructing the “best” standing desk for his specific needs.

Artists and designers particularly complain about neck strain and a sore back; hence, an adjustable standing computer desk with the correct screen height and distance is crucial to help you focus more on you work, as opposed to being distracted by your body pain. 

While several studies have clearly demonstrated the benefits of standup computer desks, this is only true if you know how to use it properly. For this reason, it should be adjusted based on your height and the type of work involved.  (It might be safe to surmise that artists will need a slightly different configuration than those required by traditional 9-to-5 office workers).

Yet to help you get started, the list below explains the correct desk height and computer screen distance, and the ideal body posture when using an adjustable standing computer desk. This applies to “average” users—i.e., they use a keyboard and mouse frequently, as opposed to pens or sketchpads.

  • The keyboard desk and your elbow height should be at about the same level, i.e., your elbow is at a 90 degree angle. This posture is believed to minimize wrist injury.
  • The screen should be slightly tilted upward (10-20 degrees), with its top at the same level as your “resting eye level.”  This will prevent you from leaning your neck up or down.  However, this may not be feasible if you are using a laptop.
  • Most experts recommend that the distance between the computer screen and your face is 51 – 71 cm.

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