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“When creatives embrace something, that’s an event in itself.

Our editors are at their desks 10-14 hours a day. They work hard. When they’re standing, their backs don’t hurt, they concentrate better and they’re more apt to go over to have a chat with someone else.

In terms of user happiness, it’s made a huge difference. People come up to me and thank me.”

Joe Gill
Engineer at Mark Woollen & Associates

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“The size is perfect for our bullpen.”

Graph SQL
Susan Nenadovic
Head of Business Operations & HR at Graph SQL

“I custom-built desktops for a client trying to be on the cutting edge of tech companies. They are the leading cloud provider for the CPA industry and wanted to utilize standing desks in their floating workspaces.”

Vinson Custom Woodworks
Josh Vinson
Founder at Vinson Custom Woodworks

“We had custom tops made by a master carpenter. They look really wonderful and turned out beautifully.”

Mark Woollen and Associates
Joe Gill
Engineer at Mark Woollen & Associates

“Our call center is laptop-based. We have 5-6 desks as pop-up stations where people can work if they wish. We started with two. Everyone keeps asking for more. I personally stole one and so did our biz dev director.”

Jeff Bishop
Director of Marketplace Operations at Soothe

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