The Standing Desk Buyer's Guide

The decision to buy a standing desk is a lifestyle choice. You are choosing to embrace the health and productivity benefits afforded by sitting less and standing more. This page is designed to help you make the best buying decision so you can get out of your chair and into a new way of working.

Frame and Desktop Quality

The quality of the standing desk you buy is important. You want it to last for a long time, and if it's motorized, you want that to be reliable long-term as well.


Desktop Material

StandDesk desktops are made out of high-quality materials to be long-lasting, and strong enough to support more than 225 pounds of weight. Other brands make their desktops out of particleboard. You don't want that!

Image showing desktop

Weight Capacity

Not sure what all you pile on your desk but if you get 225lbs of stuff on your StandDesk, you're okay. Yeah, it can lift it. Other desks have significantly lower weight capacity, which means, if you have a lot of equipment, you don't want to lean on the desk too hard. It may crumble!

Graph showing the weight each desk can handle


How long will your standing desk last? That's an important question to answer. Saving a few bucks on a cheaply made desk is okay until it's no longer fit to use, then it's just a waste of money. StandDesk puts all our equipment through rigourous tests to ensure you only get durable, long-lasting desks from us.

Graph showing how durable our desks are

Standing Desk Features

Extra Add-Ons

Standing Desk Price

You can find standing desks for more than $2,000 a piece but you don't necessarily have to pay that much for high-quality. StandDesk's original intent was to create a high-quality desk at an affordable price, and we have succeeded. For all of our desks, you can add cool accessories.

Entry Level Standing Desk $489

Our entry-level standing desk is set at an amazing $489 price point. This features a black frame and an up-down controller, and a black or white laminate top.

Top-of-the-Line Standing Desk $745

Our entry-level standing desk is set at an amazing $489 price point. This features a black frame and an up-down controller, and a black or white laminate top.

Frame Only

If you want to use your own, custom desktop you can. We are one of the only standing desk brands that will sell our high-quality frames without the tops. Depending on which frame you select, prices range from $399 to $520.

Real Customer Reviews

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Interested in a Standing Desk?

Advantages of Working at a Standing Desk

There are a lot of benefits you get from working at a standing desk. The most common, noticeable benefits are:

Health Benefits

Sitting more than 11 hours a day increases the likelihood of premature death by 40%.

More Energy

Working at a standing desk increases blood flow, and avoids the 3 o'clock slumps and food comas.

More Productivity

According to Business Insider, standing desks increase productivity by 10%.

Weight Loss

Standing for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, burns 8lbs of fat per year according to BBC News.

Customer Experience

Buying from a big box store might get you a cheap product, but having a company that will support you is another. Our support professionals thrive on working out any problems or questions and making our customers happy.

Where To Buy

Why go through middle-men and pay for all the retailer fees? With StandDesk, you can buy straight from us. In fact, we let you build your own standing desk the way you like it. If you are a business looking to outfit your office, you can get a custom quote from us quickly.

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