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Handcrafted Bamboo Desk Top

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Bring a warm, natural, rich feel into your space with this brown bamboo desktop, it's guaranteed to liven up anyone's mood and send your productivity soaring into an upward spiral.

This sustainable rich brown bamboo is one of our staff favorites. It's earthy design radiates warmth and matches nicely with your favorite lush green plants. And yes! you can still use your dry erase markers on the surface :)

This rich brown bamboo desktop is perfect for startups, entrepreneurs, plant lovers, and anyone who wants to add radiating warmth to their space.

Bring a warm and inviting feeling to your workspace with this eco-friendly bamboo desktop today.

The eco-friendly beige bamboo brings an inviting and warm look to any environment. It's color strikes the right balance between a natural, rustic look and that of a more modern environment. Plus, it's ""dry-erase friendly"" surface makes it a favorite for easy brainstorming!

This desktop is perfect for startups, modern offices, retail stores, schools and anyone who is a fan of a balanced and warm environment.

#BALANCED so your eyes don't get strained

#NATURAL in both color and feel

#STYLISH tone that can smoothly blend with any context

#FLY for its dry-erase capability

• Color: Beige

• Material: Bamboo

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