Build Your Adjustable Standing Desk

We Stand By Our Desks

Frame Options 

Choose one of three frame options:

Standard - $399.00
Effortlessly adjust your desk’s height up or down, using an intuitively simple 2-button controller.
Plus - $468.99
The standard controller plus a cable management tray to eliminate messy cords. It'll feel like your desk is floating ;) *
Deluxe - $518.98
Set your optimum ergonomics once and then forget it. A memory-height controller plus a cable management tray to keep your space tidy. Warning: Your co-workers are going to be so jealous.*

*The cable management tray and deluxe memory controller cannot be purchased separately.

Choose a Color or Material

When is a desktop more than a desktop? When you put as much thought into surface design as we have.

Laminate Tops

A jet black finish reduces distractions, helping you focus.
26” x 56” - $89.99
Arctic white brightens up your space and breathes fresh air into your day.
26” x 56” - $89.99

Bamboo Tops

Our eco-friendly bamboo beige is dry-erase friendly for easy brainstorming.
30” x 60” - $225.00
The sustainable bamboo in rich brown. It's one of our staff favorites. It radiates warmth while matching nicely with your favorite lush green plants. And yes! you can still use your dry erase markers on the surface :)
30” x 60” - $225.00

*Our frames can also be purchased without a top. You can use your own tops, ranging from 24” x 50” - 40” x 70”.

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