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Cable Management Taco

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Can't stand unruly wires? Is a cluttered desk disrupting your flow? Or maybe you love a pristine workspace to get your best stuff done :)

Either way, the StandDesk Cable Management Taco is designed to make your #desklife organized. It can hold a commercial grade 12-port power strip so ALL your devices are covered. A truly elegant and practical solution to cable management, it pairs perfectly with the StandDesk EasyPlugTM grommet hole adapters so you can bring power to your desktop.

Designed and engineered to save time & maximize convenience, the dual laneway straps also make it super quick and convenient to easily add or remove devices on the fly. This is a one of a kind custom solution, because, deserve the best!

#BEAUTIFUL clean aesthetic, with no wires hanging

#AVOID danger of tripping over wire or unplugging your desk

#ORGANIZE and group all our power cords so that managing your devices is a breeeeeeze

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