Stabilizing Crossbar

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  • Increase the stability of your standing desk with this powerful crossbar.

    This crossbar gives you 20% increased stability and is inserted between the two legs of your height adjustable desk. It has a sleek and efficient design that blends perfectly with your stand up desk. This is the ideal addition for those of you a heavy load on your desk or for those of you who simply want the added security of an even sturdier desk. It is also recommended for those who relocate their desk frequently.

  • #STABLE is what you can expect even when your desk carries a heavy load

    #SECURITY is what you'll get as your valuables will stay on the desk and off the floor

    #SAFETY is what this crossbar provides when your desk carries a heavy load

  • • Feature: Expandable for various widths

    • Dimension: (93-164cm) x 10cm x 2cm

    • Weight: 4kg

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