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  • Innovate your space with the unique and fashion forward arch-shaped LED accent lamp – Mr. n®.

    Mr. n® features a sleek and minimalist design with an entire glowing surface. The light it gives off is warm, soft, and omni-directional. Adjusting the brightness and turning it on and off is easy as a simple one-finger touch on the bottom part of the exterior of the lamp.

    Mr. n® is the perfect addition to your space if you're looking for a soft light that is unique, sophisticated, and draws the eye. Perfect for modern spaces.

  • #INNOVATIVE design that is pleasing to the eyes

    #SIMPLE to turn on/off and adjust brightness

    #FOCUS is what you can enjoy from a seamless experience

  • • 28 LEDs

    • 5 watts consumption

    • 50,000 hours lifespan

    • 2,700 K light color

    • Continuous touch dimming

    • Metallic Black / Silver

    • 10’ cord

    Environmental Considerations

    • Fully recyclable aluminum

    • Water-based paint

    • FSC certified packaging

    • LEDs do not contain mercury

    • Low power consumption (<10 watts)

    • LEED credit eligibility

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