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Premium Keyboard Tray

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Imagine your keyboard tray has plenty of room for your keyboard and mouse, not only that... they are both at your perfect height and help you avoid the discomfort that comes from a long day at work.

While that may seem like a far off dream, rest assured that this keyboard tray can make that dream a reality. This state of the art keyboard tray is the perfect combination of form and function. It can easily hold most keyboards and mice while retaining the ability to become invisible and keep your space neat and clean as it fully retracts under your desk when not in use.

This keyboard tray is perfect for anyone who longs for a tray that can handle your mouse and keyboard, looks as good as it feels, and can tilt to your desired angle. Plus it can even accommodate all you lefty's out there, there's no need to feel "left" out anymore ;)

#COMFORT - is adjusting the tilt and height to your exact needs

#EASY - is a 27" platform fitting most keyboards and mice

#INVISIBLE - is fully retracting when not in use

• 27" platform with notched cutout for additional retraction

• Designed for benching systems & tables where minimal track space is available

• For use with straight edge work surfaces

• Accommodates left or right-handed users


• Lift and Lock height adjustment

• +10 degree / -20 degree tilt adjustment and 360 degree rotation

• 12.75" Glide Track

• Height Adjustment Range: 6"

• 2 3/8" above track | 3 5/8" below track

• Provides full retraction on a 13" deep work surface

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