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HiRise - Elegant iMac Stand

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Elevate your productivity with HiRise - The height adjustable laptop stand exclusively for Macbook.

Reduce neck strain with the ability to raise your laptop up to six inches. The silicone-lined platform is compatible with any Macbook and is designed to keep your computer cool and secure. Pair your laptop with a wireless mouse and keyboard for a seamless workspace.

Looking for comfort and personalization? This is the accessory for you.

#SLEEK design to complement your Macbook.

#PERSONALIZE your laptop height to your exact specification.

#RELAX tense muscles by raising your laptop to eye level.

• Width (base): 7.16 inches (182 mm)

• Depth (base): 8.07 inches (205mm)

• Width (arm span): 10.6 inches (270 mm)

• Min. Height: 3.7 inches (94mm)

• Max. Height: 5.6 inches (142 mm)

• Weight: 1.75 pounds (0.79 kg)

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