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StandDesk Rolling Casters

Rolling Casters

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Give your StandDesk the gift of mobility with these small rolling casters.

Casters give you the ability to easily roll and move your desk on wheels. By attaching 2 casters per foot, you will also be raising the height of your desk by 2". Each set of casters comes with 4 wheels with brakes.

These casters are ideal for people looking to make modular pods with multiple desks in a work or school setting. Casters are also perfect for those who like to regularly change the feng shui of their space, making it easy to move your desk into and out of place :)

#MOBILITY move your desk freely with these nifty little casters

#FREEDOM choose the exact position or combination of desks you want to achieve

#FLEXIBILITY reduce the barriers to changing up the look and feel of your space

• Number of Casters: 4 with brakes

• Wheel Size: W - 1.5" L - 2.25" H - 2.75"

• Material: Plastic

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