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Anti Fatigue Mat

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When conceiving our Anti-Fatigue Mat we had two goals in mind. Helping easing the transition to Stand Desk nirvana and making a product that could hold up to the abuse of being stepped on all day.

The issue with standing for hours and hours at a time on a hard surface is that the muscles in your legs are forced to remain static. You know how hard a static hold can be if you’ve ever held your arms out in front of you for an extended period of time. Having to keep your legs still for too long exhausts you and is terrible for your circulatory system.

The Anti-Fatigue Mat is made from soft, flexible material that prevents the muscle in your legs from staying contracted for an extended period of time. Instead, the muscles in your legs will contract and expand in order to adjust to the flexible material of the Anti-Fatigue Mat. These micro-movements help promote good circulation and prevent exhaustion.

#EASY is how the anti-fatigue mat will make your standing desk transition

#KINDLY is how the anti-fatigue mat treats the environment

#COMFORT is why the moving to standing desks will be

#COMFORTABLE commercial grade comfort for your feet, knees and lower back

#ECO-FRIENDLY made from high quality eco-friendly material

#SEXY looks beautiful at the home or office

#SAFE is why you’ll never trip on our beveled edge design

#DURABLE is never concern when your mat is made to last

• Dimensions: 20” x 39” x ¾"

• Warranty: Lifetime warranty

A HEAVY DUTY MAT: StandDesk comfort mat is manufactured from the highest grade eco-friendly, flexible bio-foam material, to ensure maximum durability for high usage.

ABSOLUTELY SAFE FOR HEALTH: Designed to prevent tripping injury and offer your feet enhanced standing comfort, this anti-fatigue mat is made from non-toxic, phthalate-free material. An absolutely safe product with strong anti-microbial properties.

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