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Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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Be good to your body and it will be good to you. By placing your mouse and keyboard at the perfect relative height to your body, you avoid muscular imbalances and poor postural habits.

Okay, so no one wants to get carpal tunnel or tendonitis. That’s a given, but if you’re spending all day at work typing and clicking away, you’re pretty much doomed to eventually suffer some ill fate designed by the cubicle gods, right? Not exactly. As you’ve probably noticed, we’re pretty dedicated to making sure your work day and life in general are as comfortable as possible. We’ve helped a lot of people make their lives healthier and more productive, but we’ve noticed that people still neglect their hands and wrists.

Having an upward slope in your forearms are typical of office keyboard posture. This is less than ideal though. It causes fatigue and increases the muscular load on your body causing strain. It also makes it impossible for you to type without bending your wrists. Your mom always told you to sit up straight. Show her you can do her one better.


• Our Ergonomic Keyboard Trays must be installed horizontally on our 24x45" tops, as it is not compatible when installed vertically.

• The keyboard trays can rotate in and out to hide under the desk.

• Track Length: 11.8"

#SAFE is how your peripherals will feel in the comfort of our keyboard tray

#RELIEVED is why we included a wrist pad

• Track Measurements: 300mm deep

• Surface Measurements: 635mm x 250mm x 18mm

• Single knob adjustment

• Warranty: Lifetime warranty

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