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Gravy Lamp

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Bring the warmth of wood to your office and enjoy the benefits of the newest LED technology with this Gravy Desk Lamp

The Gravy Desk Lamp uses Edge lit technology which gives off a soft warming light that's easy on the eyes. To turn it on and off, you can just tap the center of the underside of the light or touch and hold it to adjust the brightness. The LED head on the wood bar can seamlessly swivel 360 degrees.

The Gravy Desk Lamp is perfect for anyone wanting to bring a soft, and warm mood to their environment. Ideal for small businesses, entrepreneurs, professors, and students.

#WARMTH is what you'll get with the wood aesthetic.

#SOFT light creates a more pleasing look.

#SLEEK design is what you'll enjoy.

• 28 LEDs

• 6 watts consumption

• 50,000 hours lifespan

• 3,500 K light color

• Continuous touch dimming

• Maple, Silver, White cord / White Oak, Matte White, Blue cord / Walnut, Matte White, Red cord

• 10’ cord

Environmental Considerations

• Fully recyclable aluminum

• Water-based paint

• FSC certified packaging

• LEDs do not contain mercury

• Low power consumption (<10 watts)

• LEED credit eligibility

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