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Pixie Light

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You get the job done no matter what, even if that means overtime ... we get it. Or perhaps you're simply someone who likes your office space to be lit up and running at full potential.

Well my friend, then this Pixie Light is just right for you...Small in its profile, this lightweight task light has an 8 hour auto shut-off which can come in handy useful if you ever fall asleep at the office putting in overtime. It also comes equipped with a USB charging port because let's face it, there can never be enough outlets.

The lamp's lifespan consists of 50,000 hours which is more than enough to withstand even the hardest of workers. So invest in this Pixie Light to help you conquer the work that stands before you.

#COMPACT - easily adjustable and movable when not in use

#COMMERCIAL GRADE - is having a light that lasts and lasts

#FEATURERICH - is having a usb charger and auto-timer and dimmer

• Built-in dimmer

• 8 hour auto shut-off

• USB charging port

• Small Footprint

• Color Temperature: 3000K

• Lumens: 250

• CRI: 80

• 3W

• Small profile

• Lightweight

• 11.8" reach

• Lamp life: 50,000 hours

• Cord Length: 7 Feet

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