Reclaimed Wood Stand-Up Desk

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If you’re someone who thrives off of visual stimulation, look no further. The textured pieces that come together to make the Reclaimed Wood Stand-Up Desk are arresting to your sight and to the touch, lending an earthy, vintage look to your workspace. Handcrafted and unique in its details, breathe new life into recycled materials made tough over time and new life into your productivity as well.

This stand up desk is an ideal work centerpiece for those who love to see how details come together. You’re transported to a different state of being when your sense soak in the rich hues, the varying and smooth bevels of the wood panels, and the potential stories behind them. The Reclaimed Wood adjustable height desk sparks imagination, drawing inspiration from the old to create something new, whether you’re using it as a collaborative working space or as a children’s craft table.

In addition to elevating your creativity, the standing desk elevates your energy levels and your posture - offering you several benefits for the price of one. Active standing while working translates into active thinking. When your body is positioned to be more open and engaged, that also results in a more engaged attitude to working with others. You’ll see an improvement not only in your work dynamics but also in your body itself, renewed with more stamina and relieved of bodily aches and pains.

A real necessity for neck and shoulder pain is the Dual Monitor Arm, which simultaneously creates space for you to view multiple screens at once to boost your productivity. Worry about less things in your day by also including the Under Desk Cable Management Taco and the Commercial Grade Power Strip to take care of your cable organization and power needs.

Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk Features

★  THOUGHTFUL & PRACTICAL TOP DESIGN: Vintage look with history in the 100% recycled elm wood from sawmill marks and oxidized nail holes. Handcrafted with a matte finish that’s addictively smooth to the touch. No volatile compounds or hazardous air pollutants to protect your indoor air quality. 
★  HEIGHT & WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Elevates between heights of 24.5” and 50”, ideal for people approximately 5’2”-6’5”. Dimensions are a depth of 23” and an extendable width from 41.7" to 61". 
★  FAST, POWERFUL & QUIET MOTOR: Moves between heights at a smooth speed of 1.3” per second, and is 20% stronger than the competition, supporting up to 440 pounds. Less than 4db means you won’t wake the baby.
★  HIGHEST QUALITY: Same grade of recycled steel used for building the Golden Gate bridge, which is good for the environment without losing its strength or warping over time. Non-toxic materials and European powder coating on the frame from the #1 supplier in the world, Akzo Nobel.