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StandDesk® Adjustable Desk Riser

Transform the way you work without having to transform your entire office with our Adjustable Standing Desk Converter. Going from sitting to standing and back down again has never been easier. Simply place the riser on your desk and you can hit your workload while standing in a matter of seconds. Flexible to your existing work setup, it's perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and offices that want to evolve their spaces while keeping costs down.

The best standing desk converter you can own, it’s ready to use right out of the box as an advanced ergonomically structured workstation. It’s designed to boost your productivity while keeping you healthy as you’re completing tasks. No more crouching over your desk for countless hours.

With this height adjustable standing desk converter, dealing with the pain that comes with bad postures becomes a thing of the past. It can easily adjust to one of 12 height options in 3 seconds. Simply hold down the levers on both sides to activate the gas springs. These are the key features in transforming your sitting desk to a stand-up unit in a jiffy.

Its surface is large enough for two monitors, so it can easily become your dual monitor standing desk converter. It also has a built-in keyboard tray with a groove where you can safely park your tablet or smartphone. In a nutshell, our desk riser is a cut above the rest because of the following features:

OPTIMIZES SPACE: This height adjustable standing desk converter with dimensions of 47"x36" is designed to optimize space. So you can easily transform your sitting desk into a standing unit in no time flat. It comes with a specially design slot for holding a tablet or smartphone..


MINIMIZES RISK: Because you only have to put it on top of your desk or any table, no need to disrupt your current setup or set aside time and space just for assembling. 
MAXIMIZES BENEFITS THRU ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION: Height adjustment, which takes only 3 seconds, ranges from 6" to 19.5" (150mm to 500mm). Its main riser can hold up to 33 lbs. (15kgs). The keyboard tray can hold up to 4 lbs (2kgs). this steel-plated and environmentally friendly height adjustable standing desk converter has 15mm-thick board top and is powered by gas springs.

Using a PC instead of a laptop for working? Get the ideal height for viewing your monitor/s by using our topnotch Dual Monitor or Single Monitor arm.

Shift from standing to sitting without hassles with our Ergonomic Office Chair.

Maximize your working working convenience further with this Handy Table top Power & USB Grommet Hole Adapter, which brings your power source right to your desk top. This easily accessible power source also comes with a USB outlet.

Get the most out of working while standing on your adjustable desk with our state-of-the-art File CabinetsUnder Desk Cable Management TacoCommercial Grade Power StripGrommet Hole Power Adapter and other specially designed accessories.

Want to know if a standing desk is a better option for you? Check out our complete lineup of ergonomically designed sit-stand desks today!

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