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StandDesk Adjustable Desk Riser

Transform the way you work without having to transform your entire office with our Adjustable Desk Riser. Going from sitting to standing and back down again was never easier - simply place the Riser on your desk and you can hit your workload while standing in a matter of seconds. Flexible to your existing work setup, it's perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and offices that wish to evolve their spaces yet want to keep costs down. It’s ready to go, right out of the box as an easy on-ramp to getting used to a more energy-filled, longer-lasting body for your workday. Crouching over your desk for countless hours and the pain that comes with it will become a thing of the past. The standing desk converter can easily adjust to one of 12 height options in three seconds. Simply hold down the levers on both sides and feel the gas springs give you a seamless transition experience to a stand up desk. The surface is large enough for two monitors and has a built-in keyboard tray with a groove to prop up your tablet or smartphone. It’s an excellent pairing with Single Monitor Arm the and Ergonomic Office Chair to ease pain in your neck and back. Add a and you’ll save yourself a trip on your hands and feet finding the power outlet - this handy gadget brings your power source right to your desktop for ready access to power and a USB outlet to boot.

Height Adjustable Desktop Riser Features

★  OPTIMIZES SPACE: Designed for space optimization and no shifting between vertical sit to stand movement. Includes a tablet or smartphone holder.
★  MINIMAL RISK: Hassle-free way to try out standing without disrupting your current setup.
★  FINE-TUNED CONSTRUCTION: Height adjustment from 6” to 19.5”. Riser load capacity is 33 lb. Keyboard load capacity is 4 lb. 3 second transition powered by gas springs. Steel plated and environmentally friendly.


  • Gas springs for quick 3 second adjustment
  • Dimensions: 47" x 36"
  • 12 Height adjustment options from 150mm to 500mm (5.9" to 19.7")
  • Space optimization design - vertical sit to stand movement without shifting
  • Comes fully assembled: ready to go right out of the box!
  • Tablet/Smartphone holder
  • Max 4 lbs (2 kgs) load capacity for the keyboard tray
  • 33 lbs (15 kgs) loading capacity on main riser
  • Steel plated and environmentally friendly 15mm thick board

Some of the Companies That Use StandDesk Adjustable Height Desks