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Standing Desk Power Accessories Bundle

As configured:
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  • StandDesk Controller - Deluxe Memory Handset
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip - Surge Protected, 8-Port
  • Black
  • White
  • Matte Black
  • Pure White
  • Glossy Gray

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Standing Desk Accessories Power Bundle

This stand up desk accessories bundle consists of our four most popular power upgrades at a 20% discount! This collection is an easy choice that will help you get the most out of your sit stand desk.

Powered Grommet Hole Adapter: Plug in your mobile devices, external hard drives, or anything else you need easy access to. One power outlet and one USB outlet, as well as a slot to drop cables through if you need to access anything under the desk.

Industrial Grade Power Strip: One of our most popular accessories overall, our power outlets are tough and accommodating. The outlets are spaced far enough apart that you can plug in virtually anything, even if it has a brick near the plug. It's surge protected and has a 12 foot power cord. It can attach to the underside of your StandDesk® or lay in the Cable Management Tray that is included in this bundle.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray: Keep your cables and power cords at bay and out of the way to keep your desk clear while you work and pair it with the Industrial Grade Power Strip to give yourself the outlets you need to keep all of your monitors, external drives, and other devices powered and charged.

Memory Handset: The 3 position memory handset will save your desk levels just where you like them so you can get your StandDesk® to the perfect height with the push of one button. 

These power add-ons are the perfect accompaniment to your adjustable height desk by making your electronic devices less prone to being pulled off your desk by their cords while you raise or lower it. It's a much neater way of keeping your cords out of the way as well as easier to plug and unplug your mobile devices!

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