Custom-Built Desks that Stand Out

Working at your desk in a healthier and more productive way IS possible. With smooth, vertical movement on two durable, height-adjustable steel legs, StandDesk sit-stand desks are designed to move with you. Your new adjustable-height workstation partner comes with an advanced dual motor that lifts and lowers faster than the competition and supports up to 400lbs. One click of a button allows you the freedom to stand or sit, keeping your body from being stationary for too long. Every state-of-the-art standing desk in our collection can be paired with a wide variety of beautiful tops, making your StandDesk more than just dependable; it’s outstanding!

Bamboo Standing Desk

$540.90 $650.00

StandDesk® Bamboo Adjustable Height Standing Desk Change the way you work and live in the most natural and eco-friendly way with the Bamboo Adjustable Height Standing Desk. Easy on the eyes, this topnotch model puts you on the right track...

Natural Wood Sit-Stand Desk

$799.90 $1,400.00

StandDesk® Natural Wood Adjustable Height Standing Desk You are about to have the most gorgeous piece of furniture you will ever own, the Natural Wood Adjustable Height Standing Desk. Innately beautiful and unquestionably functional, this...

Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk

$649.90 $1,100.00

StandDesk® Reclaimed Wood Adjustable Height Standing Desk If you love surrounding yourself with furnishings that provide that unmistakable old-world feel, then you will fall for the Reclaimed Wood Desk from StandDesk. Classy, distinctive and rustic,...

Standing Desk Converter

$249.95 $350.00

StandDesk® Adjustable Desk Riser Transform the way you work without having to transform your entire office with our Adjustable Standing Desk Converter. Going from sitting to standing and back down again has never been easier. Simply place...

White Stand Up Desk

$479.90 $550.00

StandDesk® White Adjustable Height Standing Desk You will always be on the right track to working healthily with the White Adjustable Height Standing Desk. One of the premiere units we offer at StandDesk, this unit looks clean and...

Wood Finish Sit Stand Desk

$499.90 $625.00

Imagine a desktop outfitted with the beauty of wood but with the practicality of modern technology. Now you can make that dream a reality because we made this this wonderful Wood Finish sit-stand workstation for you. It’s created for those of you...

Build Your Standing Desk

$399.95 $550.00

StandDesk® Pro Adjustable Height Standing Desk You deserve this classy Pro Adjustable Height Standing Desk, which is designed with your needs in mind. Equipped with the StandDesk® dual motor, this workstation has 20% more power. So it...

Black Adjustable Height Desk

$479.90 $550.00

StandDesk® Black Adjustable Height Standing Desk You can never go wrong with the sleek and highly functional Black Adjustable Height Standing Desk. On its own, this workstation lends an elegant, sophisticated and and professional feel to any room...

Some of the Companies That Use StandDesk Adjustable Height Desks