The Best Standing Desks at Unbeatable Prices

Let’s cut to the chase. You came here looking for a StandDesk sit-stand desk, right? Here are our favorite setups outfitted with the bare essentials to meet your needs. One click and you’re good to go, or design your own custom stand up desk if that's more your style. Simply put, the StandDesk is the best standing desk ever - designed with you in mind - to be the best-in-class adjustable height desk on the market.

Our dual motor has 20% more power to lift higher, lower, and faster than your average sit to stand desk, and the triple segment steel frame offers more inches in both vertical directions. To top it all off, this smart desk can lift up to a whopping 400 lbs - all the while being affordable without sacrificing quality of materials. A strong yet elegant foundation for your work, the StandDesk is the cutting edge of our research in our pursuit of championing your health and happiness. Because when you design and manufacture your own products, you only accept the best.

To combine function with beautiful form, the top options are curated for the best color selection and materials. Customize your stand up workstation to fit your personality or work style, matching your best you with choices ranging from classic black laminate to hand-crafted bamboo browned by fire. To combine function with beautiful form, the desk top options are curated for the best color selection and materials.

Bamboo Standing Desk


Bamboo Standing Desk You’re about to make a choice that will change everything - from the way you work to the way you live. Choose the Bamboo Standing Desk and move into a more sustainable existence that starts with not only taking care of your...

Reclaimed Wood Standing Desk


Reclaimed Wood Sit Stand Desk If you're someone who thrives off of visual stimulation, look no further. The textured pieces that come together to make the Reclaimed Wood Stand-Up Desk lend an earthy, vintage look to your workspace. Handcrafted and...