Topo Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

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Topo: The Best Standing Desk Mat On The Planet

You have a standing desk but now you need an anti-fatigue mat to give your feet a rest. Simply put, Topo is the best standing desk mat there is.
Topo will help you sit less, which is the whole point of your sit-stand desk, right? Topo mats inspire active and varied stances through the thoughtfully designed surface, allowing you to stand more comfortably and letting your feet be playful. Unlike traditional anti-fatigue mats, Topo's cushioned and variable terrain drives subconscious movement and keeps your legs active more than they would on just a flat surface. You'll find yourself stretching out your feet and playing with the bumps and raised edge without it being a distraction.
Topo mats are easy to move with just one foot when you switch between sitting and standing, more so than a traditional standing mat.

Topo mats are as durable as they are unique, coming with a 7-year warranty!

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