Posted by J. Alexander on Mar 21st 2018

Ways a Standing Sitting Desk Can Impact Your Company Culture

Offices are typically cubicles laid out in rows with each office worker in his own isolated cube. And not only that, the worker is most likely to be sitting down all day with just an occasional coffee break or two. Perhaps you can relate to this dull and soul draining environment?

In medical terms, sitting down for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise is a sedentary lifestyle. This “sitting disease” can lead to many preventable causes of death and is has been deemed by many the new equivalent of smoking.

Fortunately, companies and entrepreneurs are becoming aware of this and are finding ways of making their offices more conducive to the health of their employees.

One way of ensuring a healthy office environment is to introduce electric sit-to-stand desks as an alternative to the typical desk and chair.  These standing desks are easily adjustable, with just a flick of a switch you can go from a seated position to a more dynamic and healthier posture while working.

Some benefits of standing while working are:

  • Increased Collaboration/More engaged coworkers.

Standing up once in awhile gives you a different perspective of the office environment, makes you see things in a different light and encourages open collaboration. A study conducted by Dr. Mark Benden in 2014 found that students who are in standing classrooms had a higher energy expenditure and showed higher participation rates than students who were seated in the traditional classroom environment.

  • Healthier workers equal happier workers

Standing uses more muscles and burns more calories than simply sitting down.  It also encourages good posture. A 2008 study found that sitting for a prolonged period of time increases the risk obesity among other health ailments.

Obviously a healthy workforce is more efficient and productive… However these benefits extend simply beyond the office environment. A more dynamic environment will give your workforce the gift of health and will allow them to pursue other important activities like hobbies which further enriches their lives.

  • You will have a more energetic company culture

Reducing sedentary time can certainly improve the physical and metabolic health of you and your employees.  This directly affects the culture inside the organization where people are more energetic, dynamic and participative.  

It’s time to break free from the static and rigid “sitting in your cubicle” all day long environment. Investing in sit to stand desks is one of the best investments you can make into the health, productivity, and culture of your company.

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