Wood Finish Sit Stand Desk

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  • 2-Button Handset
  • Memory Handset
  • Black Topo Mat
    Black Topo Mat
  • Grey Topo Mat
    Grey Topo Mat
  • Cable Management Tray Matte Black - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Matte Black - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Pure White - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Pure White - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
$499.90 $625.00
(You save $125.10)

Desk Upgrades

Imagine a desktop outfitted with the beauty of wood but with the practicality of modern technology. Now you can make that dream a reality because we made this this wonderful Wood Finish sit-stand workstation for you. It’s created for those of you who want a wood top without the hassle of a wood top. The impervious finish won’t stain and is made of recycled wood chips, allowing you to enjoy nature with low environmental impact.

You’re someone who appreciates a classic look in their work environment and prefers their tech to be quietly working in the background rather than in your face at all times. Up top, you get to enjoy the warm presence of nature at your fingertips. The gorgeous color makes working a luxurious experience, inviting deep thinking and creativity without breaking the bank. And down below lies a powerful desk frame with not just one but two motors for a hushed transition between sit to stand positions in mere seconds - out of hearing, out of sight, and out of mind.

Care has been built into every aspect of this desk: care of the environment, of aesthetics, and of utility. But most of all, this adjustable height desk cares for you, subtly encouraging your body to embrace movement and work the way it was made to. In the long timeline of history, it’s only recently that work has demanded we hunch over a screen for 6-8 hours. By alternating between sitting and standing, you’re taking back years of your life that you would’ve lost, imbuing your muscles with active energy that helps you work longer without taking such a toll on your posture.

So why not go above and beyond? The Ergonomic Office Chair allows your body to truly rest when in sitting position. Arguably, your wrists especially need all the love they can get and the Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is designed to orient your wrists more naturally while you type. We’ve truly thought of everything you might need and a Single Monitor Arm eases neck and shoulder pain by elevating your eyes and therefore your posture, thereby completing your body-care configuration.

Wood Finish Standing Desk Features

★  THOUGHTFUL & PRACTICAL TOP DESIGN: Gorgeous dark wood finish invites deep thinking and creativity, elevating the ambience of your space with a vintage aesthetic. Made of high-pressure laminate material that’s scratch & stain-resistant, and formaldehyde-free to protect your indoor air quality. Rounded edge that’s comfortable to lean on. Low replacement cost allows you to change out your top on a whim, whether for fashion or function.
★  HEIGHT & WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Elevates between heights of 23.5” and 49”, ideal for people approximately 5’2”-6’5”. Dimensions are a depth of 23” and an extendable width from 41.7" to 57.9". 
★  FAST, POWERFUL & QUIET MOTOR: Moves between heights at a smooth speed of 1.3” per second, and is 20% stronger than the competition, supporting up to 400 pounds. Less than 4db means you won’t wake the baby.
★  HIGHEST QUALITY: Same grade of recycled steel used for building the Golden Gate bridge, which is good for the environment without losing its strength or warping over time. Non-toxic mater