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Transform & love the way you work

Finally a standing desk that won't break the bank!

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You've read the headlines:
Prolonged Sitting Can Harm Your Health.
Now meet your affordable custom solution.

"The stand-desk team were amazing. They literally took all of our requests and that made them the choice for us."

Desiree Therianos
Head of People Operations, crunchyroll

"More companies are turning towards these stand desks to increase employee happiness and health. It's doing great things!"

Derek Hammond
Technical Support Rep, Optimizely

"Since STAND DESK, it's been amazing. In the afternoons you don't see as many people dozing off at their desks."

Bryce Maddock
CEO, TaskUs

"I love this desk!!!!!!!!! Beautiful, sturdy, and easy to use. I spend 15 hrs/day working and having the ability to stand periodically has made me healthier, happier, and more productive."

Dave Asprey
CEO, Bulletproof Executive

"The company actually cares about us. They want us to have good posture, be healthy and happy to come to work everyday."

Diana Smith
Director of Marketing,

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