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  • 2-Button Handset
  • Memory Handset
  • Black Topo Mat
    Black Topo Mat
  • Grey Topo Mat
    Grey Topo Mat
  • Cable Management Tray Matte Black - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Matte Black - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Taco Black - $69.95
  • Cable Management Tray Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Taco Silver - $69.95
  • Cable Management Tray Pure White - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Pure White - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Taco Silver - $69.95
$399.95 $550.00
(You save $150.05)

Desk Upgrades

StandDesk® Pro Adjustable Height Desk

You deserve a Standing Desk designed with you in mind - to be the best-in-class adjustable height desk on the market.

The StandDesk® dual motor has 20% more power to lift higher, lower, and faster than your average standing desk, and the triple segment steel frame offers more inches in both vertical directions. To top it all off, this smart desk can lift up to a whopping 400 lbs - all the while being affordable without sacrificing quality of materials. A strong yet elegant foundation for your work, the StandDesk® is the cutting edge of our research in our pursuit of championing your health and happiness by working through standing. Because when you design and manufacture your own products, you only accept the best so you can stand behind it.

To combine function with beautiful form, the top options are curated for the best color selection and materials. Customize your workstation to fit your personality or work style, matching your best you with choices ranging from classic black laminate to hand-crafted bamboo browned by fire.

Your new adjustable stand up desk also pairs beautifully with the Ergonomic Office Chair, adding to your roster for the ideal support team for your body. The chair doubles as both a work seat and rest stop: the arms can lift up out of the way and the chair’s back support features an air grid for maximum airflow. The White File Cabinet tucks away your valuable documents, occupying just enough space as it’s outfitted to fit regular and legal sized paper. Add a Desk Cable Management Taco and frankly, you’ll be looking at a downright sexy setup offering the best of an active office setup to bring out the best in you.

StandDesk® Stand Up Desk Features

★   HEIGHT & WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Elevates between heights of 23.5” and 49”, ideal for people approximately 5’2”-6’5”. Dimensions are a depth of 23” and an extendable width from 41.7" to 57.9". 
★   FAST, POWERFUL & QUIET MOTOR: Moves between heights at a smooth speed of 1.3” per second, and is 20% stronger than the competition, supporting up to 400 pounds. Less than 4db also means you won’t wake the baby.
★   HIGHEST QUALITY: Same grade of recycled steel used for building the Golden Gate bridge, which is good for the environment without losing its strength or warping over time.  
★   ADJUSTABLE CONTROL & SAFETY FEATURES: Upgrade to the Memory Handset and unlock all the control features of your StandDesk.  

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