Desk Cable Management - Cord Taco

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$69.95 $100.00
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The Mesh Cable Management Taco is a clean, elegant, and practical solution to your standing desk's cord management problem. It’s also perfect match with the StandDesk commercial grade power strips so all your devices can be conveniently powered. Since your safety and convenience matters, it’s fire-proof and comes with 12 velcro straps that securely lock in your wires.

Our Power Strip is designed so that you don’t need to worry about cord length, and our Grommet EasyPlug adapters will complete your simplified look. There’s room to hold the power adapter for the Monitor Arms, too.


★  FULL ORGANIZATIONAL CONTROL: For the hyper-organized, you can group devices in dedicated spaces with 12 velcro straps to organize wires and power strip.
★  EASY ACCESS: Simple open and close with dual laneway straps on the inside for quick access to add or remove devices on the fly. 
★  PROTECTIVE: Fire-retardant fabric that protects against general damage of cords.
★  COMPATIBLE: Fits perfectly with all StandDesk commercial grade power strips.