Natural Wood Sit-Stand Desk

As configured:
$949.90 $1,400.00
(You save $450.10)
Ships in 24 hours
  • 2-Button Handset
  • Memory Handset
  • Black Topo Mat
    Black Topo Mat
  • Grey Topo Mat
    Grey Topo Mat
  • Cable Management Tray Matte Black - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Matte Black - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Glossy Gray - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
  • Cable Management Tray Pure White - $49.95
  • Commercial Grade Power Strip 8-Port - $44.95
  • Stabilizing Cross Bar Pure White - $49.95
  • Rolling Casters with Locking Wheels - $29.95
$949.90 $1,400.00
(You save $450.10)

Desk Upgrades

You’re about to gain the most gorgeous item you’ll own. It’s time to treat yourself to an exquisite work experience on top of a canvas of life-giving beauty. Enhance any space with the timeless and elegant aesthetic of the Natural Wood Sit-Stand desk.

Imagine a table that transforms from an office conference table to a dinner table to a cocktail-height party stand. It’s a stunning conversation starter because you simply can’t miss it in all its classic beauty. We can’t tell you how much this top conveys a sense of gravitas and dignity, no matter what you’re working on. Maybe it has something to do with the continuous grain, with the years of endurance visible in the rings. This is a desk that not only lived a long life as a tree, but is living a second life as your desktop, imbuing anything you do on its surface with a lasting worth.

The top bears a curved, live edge, incorporating the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Lean easy in comfort and rest easy knowing you’re enhancing your work experience while breathing new life into a salvaged tree. And the frame that supports this handiwork is a testament to technology made minimal yet powerful. With dual motors and a transition speed of 1.3 inches per second while carrying up to 400 pounds, you get the best of what’s nature-made and man-made.

Round the new centerpiece to your workspace with the Under Desk Cable Management Tray for a clean tucking away of your wayward cords so as to not visually distract you. And for practical supports, the Commercial Grade Power Strip saves you the trouble of ever having to worry about finding power while the Standing Desk Deluxe Memory Controller saves you your favorite height presets. Work will never be the same again and thank goodness.

Natural Wood Stand-Up Desk Features

★  HEIGHT & WIDTH ADJUSTABLE: Elevates between heights of 24.5” and 50”, ideal for people approximately 5’2”-6’5”. Dimensions are a depth of 23” and an extendable width from 41.7" to 61". 
★  FAST, POWERFUL & QUIET MOTOR: Moves between heights at a smooth speed of 1.5” per second, and is 20% stronger than the competition, supporting up to 440 pounds. Less than 4db means you won’t wake the baby.
★  HIGHEST QUALITY: Same grade of recycled steel used for building the Golden Gate bridge and non-toxic materials and European powder coating on the frame from the #1 supplier in the world, Akzo Nobel.
★  THOUGHTFUL & PRACTICAL TOP DESIGN: Dry-erase surface for impromptu brainstorms or reminders. Handcrafted with eco-sustainable natural bamboo with a high strength to weight ratio and no volatile compounds or hazardous air pollutants to protect your indoor air quality.