Hack Your Work

Calling all health nuts + self-improvement junkies. We’re StandDesk, an international team of superheroes poised to defeat the world’s newest villain – SITTING. In 2014, we launched on Kickstarter and raised $650k in 45 days. Standing desks are only the beginning. We’re scaling up and going international.
Come join our growth hacking team!

Our Mission

At StandDesk, we are passionate about biohacking. Our mission is to give people the means to increase their health, happiness and productivity without changing their existing lifestyle.

We help people love the way they work.

Our Values

Innovative health solutions people can afford
Making health easy, simple + ingrained in our everyday
Seamless integration of work + life

Expect collaboration with a focus on growth hacking.


Enrich people's lives through great products
Set your own schedule
Unlimited vacation policy
We invest in growing our people
Be part of 10X growth

A little idea hatched in Beijing that turned into a dream birthed in San Francisco.

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